ProRescue Deliveries

  • Coram Fire District

    Congratulations to Coram Fire Department on their brand new paramedic specialty vehicle! This truck is equipped with a Code3 lighting package, a custom console, and specialized compartments to fit … more

  • Manhasset Lakeville Hauler

    Congratulations to Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department on their brand new hauler! This truck is a specialty vehicle for pulling trailers and other heavy loads that normal trucks can't handle. This … more

  • Gordon Heights Fire Department

    Congratulations to Gordon Heights on their brand new custom First Responder! This truck has a custom rear end, with custom compartments built to fit the needs of the department, climate control, a … more

  • Westchester County Police

    Congratulations to Westchester County Police on their brand new emergency service truck! This vehicle is equipped with several light towers, and scene lights, enabling it to light up any area of … more

  • Greenburgh Police

    Congratulations to the Town of Greenburgh on their new special operations truck! This is a custom built unit designed to carry equipment for emergencies that require specialized response. more

  • Suffolk County ESU

    Congratulations to Suffolk county Police Department on their new Ford f550 extended cab 4x4 with a custom configured aluminum extruded ESU body. This unit carries an onboard hydraulic generator, … more

  • Suffolk County Sheriff

    Suffolk County Sheriff has recently acquired a surplus mine resistant vehicle. We have repainted and refitted it for law enforcement use.  more

  • Copaige EMS

    Copaige EMS has just recieved this beautiful new first responder truck. Equipped with an extensive Code 3 lighting package, sirens, custom console, and enough storage for every concievable item a … more

  • Westchester County Police

    Congrats to Westchester County police on their brand new custom built emergency rescue truck! This model features a custom built, heated and insulated body with rollout trays, and custom tool … more

  • Syosset Fire District

    Congratulations to Syosset fire district on their brand new fire-medic truck! This truck has a fiberglass temperature controlled EMS body with roll out trays, and 110 12v power in all compartments, … more